South Pacific - Flat Rock Playhouse - 2019

“Strumecki was the great surprise of the show, playing the wheeling, dealing Bloody Mary, a robust native woman who has a price for everything. At first characterized as a not-very-attractive middle-age loudmouth, Bloody Mary surprised everyone with her wonderful singing voice. Later, Strumecki surprised me even more when she rounded out her character as a devoted mother doing the best she can for her daughter.”

- Steve Wong (Blue Ridge Now)

“The most memorable character, perhaps, is Bloody Mary. Embodied by Yvonne Strumecki, Bloody Mary is a native of the islands, and her fiery will to turn a profit despite the war and to marry her daughter off properly overcomes her comedic English pronunciations to make her a fierce personality. When Strumecki sings the famous “Bali Ha’l” with mesmerizing movements, the audience listens with awe and respect.” 

- Olivia Stuller (Hendersonville Lightning)