Yvonne received her MFA in Creative Writing with a concentration in Poetry from Roosevelt University in Chicago. Her work has appeared both in print and online in magazines across the country. Publications include Red Bird Chapbooks Weekly Read, Fearless Books’ anthology “Touching: Poems of Love, Longing, and Desire”, Another Chicago Magazine Issue 50, Vol 2., Specter Magazine, Scapegoat Review, and Vagabonds among others. 


From Another Chicago Magazine Issue 50, Vol 2:


Copulation and BBQ

There’s something about pulled pork that makes me want to fuck.

I sat on that wooden bench, no menu needed.
It was always a Big Deal with fries and a sweet tea.
But it was the sauce that always made me want more.

It was sweet like your skin as my tongue tasted your shoulder.
The suckling heat reminding me of nights where we’d lay naked
trying to cool off using one small fan for the both of us.
It was never enough so we’d always go back for seconds.
or thirds. or fourths.

I had the tendency to bite, to leave marks
claiming territory that was no longer mine,
your protestations ignored by my greed and fear.

Maybe all you can eat was enough for me back then,
but feel good barbecue never stood a chance.